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Author’s Note

Welcome and thank you for spending some of your valuable time with me. Glory’s Child is the opening novel in a planned four book series on the saga of the second greatest casualty of the American War in Vietnam. After the unending tragedy of lost lives and affected families, what is more devastating than the end of citizen faith in government? What is left when one discovers the artificiality and misuse of patriotism? To what or whom does one belong? What responsibility does the individual have to society and government? Finally, is there any individual escape from the dependency?

Until Vietnam citizens willingly gave up their lives to the great and largely unexamined cause of “freedom.” The tens of millions of human lives lost in the First and Second World War are dark and awful testimony to the progress of human thinking with its ten thousand years of civilization. Until Vietnam, a comforting veil half hid the awful truths behind the annihilation. So few, armed with the social science of propaganda, turned “modern times” back to the Attila the Hun type barbarians we read about with detached horror, as if they came from another species. It revealed to me the most prolific talent we have is the development of more effective and larger ways of killing each other.

Vietnam is the first war filmed from beginning to end. Coupled with the ability to transmit the captured scenes into homes thousands of miles away with the nightly news, questions to authority exploded and revealing answers found. Nothing in American life has been the same since, and for that at least, I am grateful. To all those who dug deeper than official government policies and outed the lies and brought about doubt, democracy’s greatest asset, we are indebted.

After surviving Vietnam I went exploring for answers to my questions. Now, firmly into Act III of life’s three act play, I look back on where I’ve been. Through my fictional character, Thomas, you will read what he found; alienation, extreme independence, a country of one, with dangerous alliances of his own making. But first comes Glory’s Child, thirty years in the writing.

Personally, I am very grateful to have survived to have an Act III. Many don’t. And to be learning the intricacies of writing novels at 75 years of age has a charm and purpose keeping me not only living, but alive. I plan on being actively involved with any reader who wishes to interact here or through social media. The second novel, The Lunatic, needs the editing process for completion. My goal is to have the third novel, The Lucky One, finished in 2018 and the untitled fourth the next year.

Thank you for being here with me. It is my hope you find it worthwhile. It’s already been quite the experience.

Paul Ellis